Parboiling Plant:

Capacity: 18, 20, 24 Tons per batch (One Drier)

Techgen Parboiling Plant

Parboiling Plants are prepared here for Basmati and Non-Basmati rice which is also useful in making the Golden Sela and White Sela. commissioning providers.

Parboiling Plant System:

  1. System stage parboiling processing.
  2. Kachi-Pakki system for basmati paddy.
  3. Pressure parboiling for normal paddy.
  4. Parboiling for normal fine and superfine paddy without pressure.
  5. Less man power and electricity power consumption.

Drier Plant With Pre Heater

Steam Plant System: Drier Plant With Pre-heater
  1. We supplier the paddy drier which is operated on husk fired furnace with special pre-heater for drying the parboiling paddy.

  2. The flue gases passes through the pre-heater where its heat energy is utilized to Preheat. Its working is equivalent to the steam heat exchanger.

  3. Pre-heater utilized the waste amount to give max. eff. of the flue gas.

  4. There is no scope for direct flue gases and paddy is dried by hot air, heat up after passing through Husk Fired Heater.

Steam And Drier Plant:

Capacity: 18 to 20 Tons per batch (One Drier) Techgen Steam And Drier Plants
Steam Plant System:
  1. Useful in manufacturing of single steam rice which is prepaired by mini boiler.

  2. Useful in drying of raw paddy which is dried by steam heat exchanger or direct husk power fire furnace or husk fire tube heat exchanger

Steam Heat Exchanger:

Techgen Steam Heat Exchanger
  1. We manufacture the steam heat exchanger in different capacity (from 18 tons to 24 tons paddy to be dried in the drier per day).

  2. Very comfortable for cleaning all the tubes because of its folding system.

  3. The fins on the tubes provide max. contact area thereby giving max. eff.

  4. Continuous spirally wound fined tube with crimped fine gives high efficiency than base tubes and more over it is wound with tension which gives 80% more efficiency. Now a day crimped fin has gained more and more acceptance and popularity in rice industries.

  5. Heat exchanger dries the paddy with (302 MS Fin Tubes) different number of tubes in fixed type and split type mode. In split type all rows can be dismantled and easily reassembled.

Power Efficient Blower:

Techgen Power Efficient Blower
  1. The power efficient blower is designed with discharge area of 1472 sq. inch.

  2. Double aluminum Impeller baffles are provided for extra circulation of air to give high efficiency at very large range of capacity.

  3. The blower impeller is dynamically balanced on precision balancer.

  4. It is driven by 10 H.P. Motor, vibration free operation and improved efficiency with minimum power consumption (20-25% less).

  5. Depending on the drier capacity we provide you the diff. capacity blowers of plate size varying from 18" to 42".

Pre-Cleaner (Paddy)

Capacity: 5 to 15 tons per hour Size: 8'x 4'
Techgen Paddy Pre-Cleaner
High Quality Paddy Pre-cleaning:
  1. Pre-cleaner features a three sieve system to give up the 100Y. clean paddy.

  2. Seive system with an individual sieve slope for optimum separation on each screen.

  3. An inlet feed roller to feed over the entire working width of the machine.

  4. It is fixed and variable drive to suit specific requirement and driven by (5+2)HP motor.

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